Twitter is Testing New Option to Limit Tweet Replies

Twitter continues to promote meaningful conversations. It aims to protect users from harmful and offensive comments. First, the platform updated its conversation settings last May and enabled retweet prompts in June. Recently, Twitter rolled out offensive comment warnings. To enhance such features, it’s now testing a new option to limit tweet replies.

Twitter is Testing New Option to Limit Tweet Replies

The new option is an enhancement of Twitter’s offensive comment warnings. Before, users have 3 options to choose who can reply to their tweets. The default setting is that anybody mentioned in the tweet can reply to it. Then, a user can choose either “Everyone” or “People You Follow” instead. The new option shows “Your Followers Only” which allows exclusive commenting from your Twitter followers. This gives users more control to manage conversation within a group. It weeds out spammers and trolls by limiting participants who are only part of your regular group. Please note that users must also set their profile private to maximize control.

Twitter is testing a new option to limit tweet replies as of 07 December 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Twitter’s new option to limit tweet replies is a great way to limit conversation among your chosen group and make it more meaningful. The same goes for marketing where marketers can take advantage of this setting to connect with their target audience and increase engagement. They can use it for exclusive deals among loyal clients or followers. Or possibly with testing a new product. The key is to create a private environment where participants can contribute and learn meaningfully.



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