Twitter Beta Tests Toolbox Collections

Twitter Beta Tests Toolbox Collections

Twitter is eyeing to win back the trust of developers. The platform added 7 associates and 3 more companies to its Official Partner Program. It is also testing Twitter ads to tweet conversations highlighting that collaboration is very important for these communities. Today, Twitter beta tests toolbox collections.

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Twitter’s toolbox hub allows the Twitter nation to find the best content and top tweets. It was launched last February. As Twitter tests toolbox collections, it will promote third-party apps when a user takes action. For example, if a user tries to block or mute an account within the toolbox, collections will suggest more blocking tools.

Twitter beta tests toolbox collections on 21 April 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

Twitter’s toolbox collections aim to promote 3rd-party apps and developers. For marketers, it can be an opportunity to promote apps for their users to boost engagement and reach.


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