Twitter Official Partner Program Adds 7 New Companies

Do you want to tap into the power of Twitter conversations? Do you want to turn Twitter insights into action? Then, Twitter Official Partner Program can help you! It is the platform’s business solution for brand monitoring, consumers, and marketing insights. It also provides guidance and tools to better shape your Twitter advertising approach.

Launched in 2015, the following companies have been the initial participants of the Twitter Official Partner Program:

Twitter Partners announcement

Today, Twitter expands partnerships with:

Furthermore, Twitter Official Partner Program offers experts’ solutions in the following areas:

  • Consumer & Market Insights to understand the latest consumers’ preferences and trends
  • Customer Feedback to collect and analyze feedback from products and services
  • Customer Service to engage with customers and provide solutions to their issues
  • Event Monitoring to give alerts on popular events and news 
  • Brand Monitoring to understand how people perceive a brand or business
  • Social Marketing to create, post & analyze content across social media channels

Twitter Official Partner Program adds 7 new companies on 21 September 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

The expansion of the Twitter Official Partner Program to 7 new companies gives marketers more options to choose the right company they can collaborate with. As the partnership program showcases the leading technology solutions, brands can ensure the best-in-class and vetted marketing approach. 


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