Twitter Officially Launches Audio Spaces for Android

Remember Twitter “Spaces”? It allows users to have a live audio discussion on the platform. After testing the app since November 2020, Twitter officially launches audio Spaces for Android. 

Twitter Officially Launches Audio Spaces for Android

Twitter “Spaces” is a counterpart of the Clubhouse app. It uses the power of audio to create engagement.  A Twitter user can start an audio space by clicking the purple icon on a Fleets’ bubble. The host can then invite other Twitter users to join the discussion. Other members can also request to join through the ‘Request’ microphone icon. Recently, Twitter also enables tweeting an upcoming Spaces session. Once a user signs up, he or she will get a schedule reminder before the event. Soon, labeling Spaces and participant lists will also be available to boost discovery. 

Twitter officially launches audio spaces for Android on 02 March 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

Twitter “Spaces” is a new way for marketers to engage with the Twitter nation. By hosting an audio discussion about a brand or product, they can boost awareness and convention. They can also expand the market to visually-impaired users. At the same time, they use the power of voice to connect to their audience emotionally.



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