The 2021 Influencer Compensation Report

How much does an influencer earn for every campaign? This is a common question raised by brands and businesses. Influencer marketing started in Ancient Rome where gladiators used to endorse products during a Colosseum match. In 1769, Wedgwood obtained Royal approval after making a tea set for the Royal family, the influencers of that era. While the first modern brand that adopted influencer marketing is Coco Chanel. Since then, many people have made a living as influencers. Recently, Intellifluence, an influencer marketing platform, has surveyed the individual compensation expectations of influencers in Canada, the UK, and the US. It resulted in “The 2021 Influencer Compensation Report.”

Key Highlights

The 2021 Influencer Compensation Report revealed the following data:

  • Product and cash payment is the top choice among 69.5% of influencers. Around 24.8% prefer cash-only payments and only 5.7% prefer product-only payments.
  • Influencer Marketing has been a major part of Instagram. When it comes to influencer compensation, the standard measure is audience size within the said platform. Typically, an influencer with up to 1,000 followers receives an average payment of $193 per IG post. Influencers with more than 80,000 followers generally charge $1,000 per post update.
  • TikTok and YouTube influencers have two types of influencer groups. These are aspirational stars and authoritative influencers. Aspirational stars are high-profile individuals or web celebrities. Authoritative influencers are regular creators with a large number of followers. The influencer compensation of authoritative creators ranges from $207.32 to $731.44 per campaign. While influencer compensation of aspirational stars ranges from $1000 to $3,666.67 per campaign. Facebook and Twitter offer much lower influencer compensation. 

The 2021 Influencer Compensation Report was published last 04 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

The 2021 Influencer Compensation Report may provide marketers a clear insight on how to map out spending when partnering with influencers. It can also point out the level of response a brand will most likely get when planning an influencer campaign.


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