Marketing Is Much More than Simply Engaging Popular Celebrities

Every digital advertiser in Hong Kong is willing to concede defeat when faced with the creativity of LIHKG’s citizens. Recently, rumors are circulating on TVB about the return of a veteran children’s show host. However, this report has not yet been confirmed. Many people have already posted suggestions online. One of the suggestions is to change the tile of the show into “閃電平安鐘”, “至叻小人瑞” and “430呼吸機”. The public mock TVB’s lack of creativity as supposedly new shows turned out to be recycled scripts. If TVB wholeheartedly focuses on a topic, it could be successful in its execution. Besides, several veteran program hosts are very well-experienced. The question is whether TVB utilizes talents that resonate with the audience.

Marketing Proposals Are Penalized if MIRROR Members Are Included

Typically, teachers need to mark their students’ digital marketing proposals in a digital advertising course. A digital marketer and lecturer, Bernie Wong, had a joke about his scoring matrix. If MIRROR music boy band members are recommended in the plan, there will be a single point deduction for each member on the scoring matrix with a maximum of 12 points. If the plan features ERROR members, the maximum deduction is 4 points. If the plans propose that all 12 members of the MIRROR group represent 12 constellations and 12 personalities, he would triple that deduction to a maximum of 36 points. Regardless of whether they are featured in academic homework or marketing campaigns, MIRROR and ERROR have recently been on the leaderboard

First, Bernie said that he genuinely appreciates the hard work of these two boy bands. He also appreciates how their managers have painstakingly managed the groups. But what he wants to challenge is for all students and marketing teams to think strategically. That is, instead, simply focusing on the popularity of these celebrities or KOLs when it comes down to recommending them in campaigns.

If There Was Divine Intervention in Brand Marketing

Classic brands like Bigen have engaged Kenneth Tsang Kong to shoot commercials for its products. When enlisting Kenneth Tsang to endorse products, at the very least, one would think it reasonable that he should sport some gray hair at that time of filming to reach the target audience. Marketers may be on the lookout for celebrities or KOLs to endorse or participate in marketing campaigns. Fundamentally, the celebrity or KOL chosen corresponds with the target customer group. But the genuine relationship between the celebrity and the product, or with the brand’s values, will determine how well the collaboration resonates with the audience.

Of course, teen idols Keung To, Anson Lo, and Ian Chan are seemingly all-powerful. Any product or brand can instantly increase affinity with its customers by engaging these celebrities, especially within the female market. But brand marketers have to think carefully because this is just a short-term strategy. Executing a method like this is similar to simply sticking the celebrity’s face onto your product. If the sticker is removed one day, will the value of your marketing plan for the brand plummet to zero? If stickers of this celebrity’s face have the same effect when used on other products, what would be the value of the celebrity to your brand?

Apart from the Latest Trends, Think About What Else Would Work

In recent corporate training and digital marketing discussions, Bernie often played jokes with marketers that the reason they engage MIRROR for their campaigns is that they want to get up close and personal with their idols. MIRROR and ERROR, as well as the group of veteran children’s show hosts, are all very high-quality artists. Only when marketers plan to use them appropriately and when they resonate with the values of the brand and products can they truly help to maximize the outcomes of marketing campaigns

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