Snapchat Launches the “Hey, You Good?” Campaign

Snapchat Launches the “Hey, You Good” Campaign

Snapchat wants to spread positivity all over the world. The popular messaging platform celebrated its annual lens fest by enabling AR features for the deaf. It also launched a kindness challenge to inspire Spotlight users in spreading love. Today, Snapchat launches the “Hey, You Good?” campaign.

Snapchat Launches the “Hey, You Good?” Campaign

The goal of Snapchat’s “Hey, You Good?” campaign is mental health education among Black Communities. Snapchat Creative Council partners with ADCOLOR, a champion on diversity & inclusion, to develop creatives for the campaign. The “Hey, You Good?” campaign includes filters, lenses, a mini-series on the Discover channel, and a microsite where they can find therapists.  All these new features encourage black people to check on themselves and their mental health.

Snapchat launches the “Hey, You Good?” campaign on 22 February 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

Campaigns for positivity like Snapchat’s “Hey, You Good?” results in understanding a brand’s target audiences. Marketers can adopt such a strategy to reach their target audiences. Sometimes, making a stand is what makes a brand.


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