Snapchat Publishes “Love Is on the Brain”

January is almost over, and Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. That is why Snapchat publishes “Love is on the Brain.” It is the latest insight report about snap chatters’ engagement and trends. After the launch of an AR shopping gallery and new ways to Snap last Christmas holiday, here’ are new ways to market for the upcoming love day. 

Snapchat Valentine's Day stats

Love is on the Brain shows that snap chatters can’t wait to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Around 82% of Snapchat users are planning to connect to their loved ones on that special day. Even those without a date can expect Valentine’s snap. 

Love is on the Brain features what snap chatters chat about during Valentine. It also highlights opportunities for marketers to take advantage of before the infatuation phase is over.

  • AR try-on lenses can drive a 7.9x return on ad spend.
  • Stories post using AR lenses can increase engagement by 65%.
  • Marketers can use interactive AR Lenses campaigns like cupid arrows, heartstrings, red lips, roses, and other relevant stuff to drive conversion. 

Together with the encouragement of sponsored lens campaigns, Snapchat mentioned some case study examples. 

Snapchat publishes “Love is on the Brain” on 20 January 2022.

Implications for Marketers: 

Snapchat’s “Love is on the Brain” can provide inspiration and tips for marketers in their upcoming Valentine’s Day campaigns.


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