Snapchat Celebrates Its Annual Lens Fest

Starting the 7th of December, Snapchat celebrates its annual lens fest. It is a yearly week-long celebration featuring Snapchat’s interactive AR lenses. This year, AR lenses for the deaf and local AR lenses have been added. They blend well together with AR holiday shopping gallery and multi-format delivery.

Snapchat’s annual Lens Fest commences from 07 to 15 December 2021. Around 250,000 brands, developers, and partners in more than 200 regions will join the celebration. The highlights of the celebration include:

  • Lens Studio 
  • Resources & Monetization
  • Spectacles

Lens Studio

Snapchat’s Lens Studio houses creative and innovative tools such as:

  • API Library for Real-Time Data to create with real-time information pulled from credible sources. 
  • A New Sounds Library for millions of licensed audio clips and music. 
  • Real-World Physics explores forces of physics like collisions and gravity. 
  • World Mesh to imitate real-world experiences. 

Resources & Monetization

Snapchat enables a new CTA feature that allows creators to link a call to action within a lens. It also enables a gifting platform for Snap chatters to send support to their favorite creators. The platform also opens nominations for the Ghost AR innovation lab. Ghost will allow interested creators and developers to explore creative and technical AR possibilities through an up to $150,000 grant for each project. 


Snapchat also introduces its next-generation AR Spectacles that bring new perspectives like experiencing art, learning, playing games, and shopping. With connected lenses, endurance mode, and location triggers, the new AR Spectacles will provide a more immersive experience.

Snapchat celebrates its annual lens fest on 07 December 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

A Snapchat celebrates its annual lens fest, it highlights a lot of potential for growth in 2022. Marketers should keep an eye on such growths as Snapchat has great potentials of being a major advertising platform worldwide.


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