Snapchat Introduces “Birthday Mini”

Snapchat knows the importance of birthdays as a special event. To make it more special, Snapchat introduces “Birthday Mini.” It is an easy and fun way to celebrate and greet your Snapchat friends on their birthdate

Snapchat Birthdays Mini

Snapchat’s “Birthday Mini” is organized by Zodiac signs. Snapchat friends who opted to have their birthday seen on the platform can have access to such a reminder tool. It includes pre-formatted birthday messages and personal greetings. These are powered with fun AR Lenses and unique stickers. One can even do a birthday countdown to make it more exciting with your Snap friends. They can also play games during the event. Users can find Snapchat’s “Birthday Mini” icon on the chat page or search bar. 

Snapchat introduces “Birthday Mini” on 08 September 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Snapchat’s “Birthday Mini” is another fun utility tool for Snap chatters to celebrate a special event. Marketers can use such a tool to connect with their Snapchat followers by sending them greetings. It can greatly help brands boost loyalty and retention.  


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