Instagram Will Now Ask Instagrammers for Their Birthdays

Last March, Facebook started working on Instagram for kids. This is an exclusive IG app for children below 13 years old. The app aims to allow access to Instagram among younger users. But it also protects them against potential abuse, bullying, and predation. As part of a stronger verification process, Instagram will now ask Instagrammers for their birthdays.

Instagram age gate

Instagram now started asking people to share their birthdays. When a user opens an Instagram account, a notification will pop up to provide their birthday. An Instagrammer will be required to provide the information to continue using the app. In another case, users may see a warning screen to provide their birthdate before seeing a post. This can be seen on posts with sensitive graphics. Instagram uses its artificial intelligence (AI) to detect wrong birthday information. Moving forward, a menu option will further verify a user’s age. 

Instagram will now ask Instagrammers for their birthdays as of 30 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

As Instagram will now ask Instagrammers for their birthdays, the platform is making a safer environment for younger users. It is a great way to combat abuse. For marketers, it means better targeting when it comes to age demographics.


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