Snapchat Enables Mid-roll Ads on Snap Star Stories

Snapchat is set to boost eCommerce to give creators more options to earn revenue. The platform launched campaign optimization through an AR holiday shopping gallery, CPG ads, dynamic ads, and multi-delivery format. Today, Snapchat enables mid-roll ads on Snap Start Stories.

Snapchat Star Stories

Snap Stars are Snapchat creators that received more than 50,000 viewers per story. Currently, Snapchat is beta testing mid-roll ads on Snap Star Stories. The test is limited to selected Snap Stars in the United States. Each Snap Stars will receive a revenue share from the ads.

Snapchat enables mid-roll ads on Snap Star Stories as of 14 February 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

Mid-roll ads on Snap Star Stories are an easier path for marketing partnership and financial success. As it lowers the barrier between content creation and engagement, mid-roll ads on Snap Star Stories can greatly help marketers boost engagement and revenue.


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