Snapchat Reports ROI for CPG Ads

Consumer packaged goods occupy a lot of snap ads. They are the main reason why Snapchat introduced a multi-delivery ad format. With AR try-on and food scan, snap ads have surely helped CPG marketers. Today, Snapchat reports ROI for CPG ads.

CPG Companies Use Snapchat to Grow

For better snap ads insights, Snapchat uses Market Mix Modelling (MMM). It is the standard industry practice that applies statistics to analyze expenditure, promotions, and sales. Such a system enables companies to grow and scale. 

Snapchat Delivers 2x ROI for CPG Brands

Compared to other marketing channels, Snapchat CPG ads deliver 2x ROI for CPG brands. It has shown a 1.7x higher ad return compared to TV advertising. It has also been shown to be 2.7x more effective than other social media platforms.

Snapchat ROAS Exceeds Other Adverts

Snapchat AR try-on is not just an immersive experience. They are also one of the best advertising formats. Among beauty and personal care, Snapchat CPG ads are 6x more effective than TV commercials. 

Snapchat reports ROI for CPG ads on 16 December 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Snapchat reports ROI for CPG ads clearly shows that snap ads offer a lot of potentials. Thus, it is worth it for marketers to include them in their digital marketing approach. 


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