Pinterest Introduces Real-Time Analytics

Pinterest Introduces Real-Time Analytics

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine that is recently shifting to eCommerce. In May 2021, the platform launched idea pins. They are revamped Story Pins containing shoppable multi-page short videos. Idea pins can be shared on Facebook & Instagram, and other platforms. After launching API Version 5.3, Pinterest now introduces real-time analytics.

Pinterest Introduces Real-Time Analytics

Pinterest real-time analytics provides data on pins’ performances at any given time. They are now available on Pinterest’s mobile app. The data will refresh every hour. Audience metrics are not included under real-time analytics. Instead, users can see the overall response data for their pins.

Pinterest introduces real-time analytics on 29 July 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

As Pinterest introduces real-time analytics, it gives marketers valuable guides to make more informed decisions. As such, it can boost the enhancement of pin strategies.


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