Introducing Story Pins from Pinterest

Pinterest has always been a platform for inspiration. It’s a go-to hub for beauty tutorials, home ideas, style, and more. In the past few months, it focused on eCommerce. They have launched shop tabs and set up shopping spotlights. Today, Pinterest launches the biggest updates for its creators – by introducing Story Pins.
Introducing Story Pins from Pinterest
Story Pins are like Facebook and Instagram Stories. With Story Pins, pinners can add custom text, images, lists, or videos in a single pin. Story pins allow videos from 1 to 60 seconds in length. All of the Story Pins content will stay on Pinterest boards once published. Users can share them on home feeds, search results, and the today tab.
Pinterest introduces Story Pins on 23 September 2020. They’re initially available in the United States but will roll out globally in the coming months.

Implications for Marketers:

Story Pins is Pinterest’s answer to the popular Stories format. But Pinterest makes such type of content long-live because they don’t disappear on boards within 24 hours. For marketers, it’s a practical way to connect with pinners. You can use story pins to create guides, projects, and recipes. It can improve targeting by telling a brand story in a more fun way.
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