Pinterest Adds New Ways for Creators to Earn Money

Pinterest Adds New Ways for Creators to Earn Money

There are lots of ways for brands and businesses to monetize their content on Pinterest. These include AR try-on, branded campaigns, and Shopify partnerships. To boost its eCommerce feature, Pinterest earned a Brand Safety Certification from TAG and is testing a virtual test drive of cars. Among creators, the platform enabled Collections pins and Ideas Pins. These features allowed creators to connect to their audiences and monetize their content. Today, Pinterest adds new ways for creators to earn money.

Idea Pin tags

Product Tags

Ideas Pins are like Instagram Stories. Pinners can upload short video clips that show on the top of a Pinterest app. Today, the platform makes Ideas Pin shoppable through product tags. These links are direct to the eCommerce shops of a brand or business.

Paid Partnerships

Pinterest also adds “Paid Partnership” labels at the bottom of a pin. This is for transparency on branded content deals on Ideas Pins. It also allows creators to earn money by creating content from brands and businesses.

Pinterest adds new ways for creators to earn money on 27 July 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Pinterest’s new ways for creators to earn money can boost the buying activity on the platform. For marketers, this can be a positive option to increase revenue and sales in a unique social media app. Pinners have been recognized as searchers with the highest buying intent. So, it may be worth exploring their new features and tools from time to time.


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