New Video by Facebook for Tips on Branded Content and Stories Ads

On 17 September 2020, Facebook posted a video about new insights for creating effective branded content and ads on Stories. Facebook’s creative team also offered some tips and hacks backed up by their latest research.

According to Facebook:

“Strong creative execution, paired with savvy strategy and compelling messaging, can help drive even greater advertising success. Facebook’s Creative Research team tested and analyzed which creative approaches tend to be successful on Facebook’s platforms in engaging audiences and sparking action. So far in this video series from Facebook IQ, we’ve explored text, timing and format considerations, and motion, sounds and stickers tips to help make your advertising creative more engaging.”


These tips are part of Facebook’s Creative Research team’s research project on discovering what type of content would work best for ads on Facebook. The team also placed particular focus on Stories, which has been rising in usage over the last few months. 

This video is one from a series of videos explaining how to effectively market using Facebook. The last video took a look at Stories ads and how to use stickers.

You can check out the full video here.


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