Facebook ads can now target consumers based on their shopping habits

The new Facebook Ads features aims to help brands zero in on their respective audiences. eCommerce has seen a boom over the past few months, and social media platforms have been finding new ways to better their services to keep up with the fast-growing eCommerce phenomenon. Facebook recently added a few new Custom Audience creation options to address this.

Now, using Facebook Ads Manager, users can choose to create a listing based on other users’ ‘Shopping’ activity. By selecting the ‘Shopping’ option, users can then build customized lists to find new targets for their brands’ ads.

They can choose from three available targeting options:

  • People who bought a specific product
  • People who are eyeing specific products
  • People who have “added-to-cart” certain products

Facebook’s newly added feature is extremely effective for people to come in contact with a brand’s products and is yet another effective technique in identifying and engaging with the brand’s market. This is good news for brands that want to amp up their eCommerce efforts on both Facebook and Instagram.

Implications for Marketers

Facebook’s newest addition means that marketers can now target consumers who have shown an active interest in a brand or a product. Because the “Shopping” option analyzes a user’s online purchases, it will allow marketers to figure out their audiences’ demographics.This new feature makes marketing on Facebook easier and more effective.

Brands will then be able to better reach out to potential customers, as the “Shopping” custom audience would be able to tailor Facebook ads to show up on the feeds of users who have already shown an interest in the products. Facebook already has a wide variety of retargeting options, and these new additions would be able to help brands further improve their digital marketing strategies. Sales also have the potential to rise because ads are more focused on users who might buy their products.

Digital marketing needs proper targeting and knowledge of a brand’s audience for it to work. Facebook aims to make these marketing strategies much easier with the addition of new features. The social media platform aims to make its Facebook Ads feature as user-friendly as possible.

Brands will now be able to make the most out of their platforms and reach out to as many potential customers as they can. Facebook marketing will become more dynamic with the addition of its new features to Facebook ads and will continue to become one of the most effective platforms to do digital marketing.

Reference: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/facebook-adds-custom-audience-creation-options-based-on-shopping-activity/580922/

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