LinkedIn Introduces Carousel Posts

LinkedIn Introduces Carousel Posts

One of the main focuses of LinkedIn this year is enhancing engagement through different post formats. That is why the platform launched a business manager hub, the Creator Accelerator Program, and marketing labs, serving as a learning hub for creative content and design. Today, LinkedIn introduces carousel posts.

LinkedIn Introduces Carousel Posts

The founder of Geekbot, Matt Navarra, tweets about the update. LinkedIn users will see the “Create a carousel” option as they try to add a post. Choosing the option allows one to add multiple photos or videos and rearrange them after uploading. Uploaded carousels will be visible to followers’ feeds.

LinkedIn introduces carousel posts on 22 July 2022.

Implications to Marketers:

LinkedIn’s carousel posts can help marketers showcases a range of products and offerings all at once. Such formats can also boost brand awareness and engagement as they catch the audiences’ attention more often.


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