LinkedIn Adds Three New Courses on Marketing Labs

LinkedIn adds three new courses on Marketing Labs! These are new certification courses for skills development. LinkedIn Marketing Labs is a learning hub for community-based learnings. The three new courses can help you get more out of your LinkedIn efforts. The three new courses added on LinkedIn Marketing Labs are:

Building an Organic Presence with LinkedIn Pages

This is a 20-minute course about creating, developing, and maintaining an active LinkedIn Page. It aims to help you develop a unique brand voice out of organic posting.

Building a Full-Funnel Content Marketing Strategy

This is a 30-minute course about striking a balance between organic and paid content on LinkedIn. Get familiar with both LinkedIn organic and paid tools to guide your audience in their journey to the marketing funnel.

Creative Design for LinkedIn

This is a 10-minute course about designing compelling visuals for your LinkedIn content. It is a collection of core elements that can support a creative strategy on LinkedIn.

After finishing each course, a knowledge checkup test can track the learner’s progress. LinkedIn adds three new courses on Marketing Labs as of 20 January 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

It is worth taking the three new courses on LinkedIn Marketing Labs for marketers. They can be a pathway to adding more digital certificates to your profile. At the same time, they can level up your LinkedIn marketing approach.


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