LinkedIn Adds New Features on Creator Mode

Remember LinkedIn’s Creator Mode? LinkedIn added it as an alternate profile to business pages. It aimed to “Do business where business is done.” Today, LinkedIn adds new features on Creator Mode.

LinkedIn’s Creator Mode can be turned off or on depending on the user’s preference. It allows creators to showcase articles, posts, and videos by moving the “Activity” and “Featured” at the top of a LinkedIn profile. The “connect” button will also be changed into a “follow” button. The profile photo will also show a live broadcast as it starts streaming. 

LinkedIn Adds New Features on Creator Mode

LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Members and Pages with more than 150 followers and who meet certain criteria can now use LinkedIn Live under Creator Mode. 


Creators can now publish articles via the newsletter feature of Creator Mode. It will automatically notify followers about the latest content. The notification can be sent via email, in-app alert, or push notifications.

Suggested Creator

When Creator Mode is enabled, a LinkedIn creator gets the chance to be featured as a suggested creator to follow. 

LinkedIn adds new features on Creator Mode as of 30 November 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

LinkedIn’s new features on Creator Mode incentivize creators to publish more articles and use live broadcasts. For marketers, these new features can help boost ads and campaigns by being an expert in using the tools under Creator Mode.


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