LinkedIn Introduces Live Events on LinkedIn Learning

Today, a major part of LinkedIn’s focus is to add new video features and tools. Even though it has announced the end of LinkedIn Stories, the platform promised to replace it with an integrated Jumprope how-to video feature. Recently, the platform also added a UI for native video meetings. Today, LinkedIn introduces live events on LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn Learning Office Hours

LinkedIn introduced its learning hub last April. It is a skill-building platform housing community-based learning, L&D insights, and personalized training content. To level up personalization, LinkedIn now allows learning instructors to host live events on LinkedIn Learning. With a feature called “Office Hours,” LinkedIn users can tune in to live training sessions with course instructors in real-time.  

LinkedIn introduces live events on LinkedIn Learning as of 01 September 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Live events on LinkedIn Learning provide more direct avenues for education and networking. Tapping on the power of live events on LinkedIn Learning can help marketers grow their network and level up their skills. As such, they can run more effective ads and campaigns within the platform.


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