Instagram Updates Poll Stickers

Stickers have been a significant element in every Instagram post. They have clearly displayed customized links, reactions, and resharing stories. They can even be used to ask questions or poll family and friends. Recently, Instagram updates its poll stickers.

Instagram Stories poll sticker update

Instagram updates poll stickers by expanding the multiple-choice items into 4. Previously, IG users can only add 3 choices. But now, the platform is running a test to selected users enabling them to add up to 4 choices within a poll sticker.

Instagram updates poll stickers on 26 January 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

Instagram’s update on its poll sticker may be a minor tweak. But for marketers, it can be an option to one more category or product when surveying Instagrammers. Adding more choices means broader insights into their marketing approach.


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