Instagram Tests “Selected People” on Stories

Stories are a big hit both on Facebook and Instagram. Every day, around 500 million people tap into the power of these 24-hour momentary posts. Recently, Instagram Stories enabled new features and tools. It now allows language translation, Montage, Stories’ draft, and swipe-up links. Today, Instagram tests “Selected People” on Stories.

Instagram Close Friends test

“Selected People” on Instagram Stories allows people to limit their views to a specific audience. Users can tick the Instagram profiles to whom they want to show their updated Stories. It is like the current “Close Friends” option where Instagrammers can choose to show their IG posts to a list of chose followers or individuals. “Selected People” on Instagram Stories will remain in place until a user edits the list. 

Instagram tests “Selected People” on Stories as of 29 September 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Selected People” on Instagram Stories gives users more control over who sees their IG posts. For marketers, it can be a new way to offer exclusive deals to specific prospects. 

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