Instagram Tests Promoted Products Ads

As Instagram looks forward to making the platform shoppable, it continuously adds eCommerce tools. It launched branded content, digital magazine, and Reels Ads. It is also testing collectibles and posts and Reels partnerships. Today, Instagram tests promoted products ads.

Instagram Shop ads

Instagram brands with products listing can now promote their products on the front page of the Shop tab. These products will be marked as a sponsored product listing. Clicking a product under such a category will lead users to a product details page. A profile bubble will be visible on the page, which when tapped, leads a user to the product’s website where one can directly make a purchase. Like regular Instagram posts, they can be saved or shared. 

Promoted product ads will initially be tested to selected US advertisers such as:

  • Away
  • Boo Oh
  • Clairepaint
  • DEUX 
  • Donni Davy

After evaluating the results, that’s the time Instagram will decide whether to fully roll the feature out or not. Instagram tests promoted products ads on 09 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Instagram’s promoted product ads can facilitate new campaign options among advertisers and marketers. By providing more promotional potentials, Instagram can help boost conversion among brands. 


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