Instagram Is Testing Collectibles and Fan Club Stories

Instagram is back on track! The platform has been rolling out new features and tools. Recently, it officially launched Digital Magazine and Reels ads. It also added new elements on branded content and new monetization options for creators. Today, Instagram is testing collectibles and fan club stories.

Instagram Collectibles


Instagram Collectibles is a new feature under testing where users can bid for digital items in-streams. Posts with collectibles will show such a label. The winning bidder will also be announced via the in-stream. The Collectible option is currently linked with the NFT craze. 

Instagram fan club Stories

Fan Club Stories

Fan Club Stories are exclusive content that can only be viewed by members of an approved group or fan club on Instagram. Fan members can post and share IG Stories privately within the group or club. Viewers won’t be able to take a screenshot of such a story format.

Instagram is testing collectibles and fan club stories on 21 June 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Instagram collectibles are a new way to influence the buying behavior of Instagrammers. They can also help digital creators make more money through in-stream auctions and showcases. Fan Club Stories, on the other hand, is a new option for fan clubs and Instagram groups to make their content more exclusive. It may lead to offer paid memberships among admins and creators.  For marketers, these new features can be a broader push to digital spending. As such, it will revolutionize marketing on Instagram.


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