Instagram Releases the 2nd Edition of Its Digital Magazine

It’s Instagram’s Creator Week! The event will commence from 08 June to 10 June 2021. This virtual event will showcase a range of development programs for new creators. As part of the Creator Week, Instagram releases the 2nd edition of its digital magazine.

Instagram Insider magazine

Last 29 April 2021, Instagram published its 1st edition of Instagram Insider. Such an issue showcased crafty outfits, beauty products, and vintage streetwear. The 2nd issue has 8 pages and features top creators, platform stars, and trends. But the highlights of the 2nd edition of Instagram’s are:

  • An approach on “How to Make Instagram a Happy Place.”
  • A new section about “Algorithm Myth-Busting” on Instagram.

These highlights provide tips on how to build a community and how content is displayed and distributed within the platform. 

Instagram releases the 2nd edition of its digital magazine on 07 June 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Instagram’s 2nd digital magazine edition has some interesting info for a marketing approach. Like the “Ask Elisa” section on the 1st edition, they may not be strategy-defining but they can help brands understand Instagram’s algorithm. 


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