Instagram Adds New Elements to Branded Content Tools

Here are some updates for IG creators! Instagram adds new elements to branded content tools. Branded content ads were launched by the platform in June 2019. Such ads were made by Instagram Creators under a paid partnership with IG brands. In October 2020, the platform enabled an age-gate among branded content to segment ads according to age groups. It also expanded the reach of such ads on Reels. Early this year, the platform is also working on a creator shop and marketplace for branded content. Today, Instagram adds new elements to branded content tools.

Instagram Branded Content

Instagram now allows creators to pre-tag 2 brands in a single piece of branded content. They can post the content even if they are waiting for the client’s approval of the tie-up promotion. Once approved, the content will show a “Paid Partnership” label.

Instagram also added a request approval tool on the creators’ setting which was previously available only on the creative flow. Using such a tool, a creator can now request brands for partnership and tie-up on a posted IG content. Brands can approve or deny such a request while viewing the media. They can also do it under the post settings. 

Branded Content insights have also expanded as Instagram adds IG Live, IGTV, and Reels response data set. Starting on the 7th of June, such data will give both brands and creators valuable reports.

Instagram added new elements to branded content tools on 03 June 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Branded content on Instagram is a great option to maximize reach and response through partnerships. Creators can help brands optimize their messaging in collaborative ways. For marketers, this is a cross-promotional potential that can lead to better IG marketing. Reference:

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