Instagram Tests Auto-Collapse on Stories

Instagram Tests Auto-Collapse on Stories

It seems questionable that while Instagram is boosting the usage of Reels, the platform is neglecting the importance of Stories. In the past, Instagram enabled Stories’ draft, language translation, and scheduled stickers. Recently, Instagram is spotted hiding a part of the 60-second short-form video.

Instagram Stories frame limit
  1. Instagram tests Stories auto-collapse on 18 May 2022.

    Matt Navarra, the founder of Geekout, retweets that Instagram is testing a Stories auto-collapse feature. It shows a tweet from Rachael Berkey highlighting that Instagram is testing an auto-collapse to 3 of X slides on Stories. It means that Instagrammers can only see 3 slides on a Stories preview. They will need to click a tiny “Show All” button on the left of the screen to view all the Stories slide. Instagram notes that such a feature is in the early stage of testing with a small number of users.

  2. Implications to Marketers:

    Instagram tests Stories auto-collapse, marketers are worried that if the feature rolls out, it may affect Stories’ reach and views. It is because viewers are more unlikely to go instead of clicking the show all button. Let’s wait and see. Hopefully, Instagram will realize that the test is not beneficial for Stories.


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