Facebook Links Messenger Rooms on Instagram

Facebook Messenger Rooms on Instagram

FB adds joinable video calls to group chats and events on 13 May 2020. To maximize this feature, Facebook links messenger rooms on Instagram this 22 May 2020.

Facebook Links Messenger Rooms on Instagram

Instagrammers can tap the video chat icon on the direct inbox to create a room. The host can invite up to 50 friends from Instagram. Once done, there’s an option to either join the room or send an invitation link. To proceed with the multi-participant video chat, one needs to switch to Messenger. Users may not see the active messenger rooms on Instagram either. 

Implications for Marketers:

Creating a video chat room direct from Instagram is another way for brands to expand their reach. Sharing rooms make it easy for Instagrammers to interact on the group’s core purpose. It’s one good way during this time of crisis to drive awareness to brands and businesses. 

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