Instagram Publishes the 3rd Edition of Its Digital Magazine

Last May, Instagram published its first-ever digital magazine. It aims to update readers about fashion and beauty trends. At the same time, Instagram Insider wants to provide ideas and inspiration among Instagram shoppers. 

Instagram Insider Magazine - Fall 2021

The 1st edition of Instagram’s digital magazine featured a 9-page creative of brief creator stories together with trendy tips. It highlighted crafty quilted outfits, stick-on beauty products, and vintage streetwear. The last part has a section called “Ask Elisa,” a list of common questions and replies about Instagram ads and creatives. 

The 2nd edition of Instagram’s digital magazine coincided with the platform’s Creator’s Week. It featured interviews from platform stars about Instagram live. The 8-page issue also featured the following content:

  • An approach on “How to Make Instagram a Happy Place.”
  • A new section about “Algorithm Myth-Busting” on Instagram

The 3rd edition of Instagram’s digital magazine now features the latest fall trends in fashion and beauty. It focuses on pageantry, respect for nature, and self-identity. The pageantry section posted models of the moment. While designers from NYC and London highlight respect for nature and self-identity on the “Fashion Month Preview.” It also has an “Ask Brittany” section as an FAQ about Reels. Please note that the 3rd edition of Instagram’s digital magazine has the “scan barcode” option. It directs readers of the digital magazine into shoppable clips and posts.

Instagram publishes the 3rd edition of its digital magazine on 26 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Instagram’s digital magazine gives helpful insights and tips about the latest marketing trends. As it is designed to influence fans in conversions, marketers can use it as a branded content marketplace to promote products and services.


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