Instagram Is Working on Auto-Captions for Feed Posts

Instagram Is Working on Auto-Captions for Feed Posts

Instagram stickers work wonders. That is why the platform innovates using it in different ways. It rolled out custom stickers to enhance post creativity. It also enabled quick reply stickers for easy conversation. Instagrammers can also use re-share stickers to re-share posts, Reels, and Stories. The same goes for caption stickers to allow auto-text captions on IGTV and Stories. Today, Instagram is working on auto-captions for feed posts. Auto-caption for Reels will also follow soon.

Instagram Stories captions

With the use of caption stickers, Instagram is now testing auto caption among feed posts. When a user adds a caption sticker, it enables automated text captioning for viewers to know the message of an Instagram post whether the sound is on or off. This is particularly helpful for videos to allow reaching the hearing impaired or people who browse Instagram with their device muted. The auto-generated text may not be 100% accurate. But users can edit the captions as they wish. For now, the update is available in English-speaking countries only.

Instagram is working on auto-captions for feed posts as of 12 July 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Instagram’s auto-captions are a great way to turn audio and videos into text. This can open up new opportunities for marketers to connect and present ideas among their target audiences. 



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