Instagram Introduces New Ways to Combat Abuse

Any social platform needs to promote the privacy and safety of its users. Instagram, for one, never stops finding ways to promote such elements within the platform. Recently, it enables safety features for users under 16 years of age. The platform also rolled out comment limitssecurity setups, and sensitive content control. Today, Instagram introduces new ways to combat abuse.

In the wake of the championship finals for Euro 2020, some famous UK soccer players received a spate of abuse on Instagram. This prompted the platform to introduce a new set of options to combat abuse. These include the “Limits” option, “Strong Warning” messages for potentially offensive comments and the “Hidden Words” feature.

Instagram Limits

“Limits” Option 

Instagram’s “Limits” option detects a spike of comment requests from people you don’t know or with potentially harmful context. The system will then recommend restricting this account. Once the user opts to enable the “Limits” option, the comments and DMs from these accounts will be automatically hidden.

Instagram comment warning

“Strong Warning” Option 

A “Strong Warning” is also enabled for users who are sending offensive comments multiple times. The prompt warns them about Instagram’s community guidelines. Instagram found these warnings effective to discourage users from posting hurtful comments. 

Instagram Hidden Words

“Hidden Words” Feature

The new “Hidden Words” Feature automatically filters hurtful and offensive comments or messages into a hidden folder. It also filters requests with low quality or that look spammy. Instagram recommends accounts with large followers to use this feature. 

Instagram introduces new ways to combat abuse on 11 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Instagram’s new ways to combat abuse promote the privacy and safety of Instagrammers. For marketers, a positive Instagram experience means better ways to promote products and services on the platform.


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