Instagram Rolls Out Security Checkup

Instagram Rolls Out Security Checkup

The safety and security of user accounts among social media have always been a big concern. That is why social media platforms are continuously working to promote safety and security. Facebook, for one, has increased the security of 3rd party accessed on Instagram and enabled safety features on Messenger. Pinterest obtained brand certification from TAG. While Twitter enabled multiple security keys. Today, Instagram rolls out a Security Checkup.

Instagram Security check-up

Instagram Security Checkup is a new feature to keep Instagram accounts secure. Under security checkup, a user has to perform several steps to secure his or her account.

  • Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) and login request. Instagrammers can strengthen the security of their accounts through your contact number, enabling 2FA through email, Google account, or WhatsApp number. Afterward, enabling login requests gets users notified through their prepared method for any detected login different devices.
  • Reporting accounts and content that a user finds questionable. Users can report an account or post if they find them abusive or suspicious. This is by clicking the three dots above the post and tapping “Report.”
  • Updating the account’s contact number and email. This is to ensure that you will be receiving any notification that Instagram sends you about your account.

Instagram rolls out Security Checkup as of 13 July 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Instagram Security Checkup is an extra layer of security among Instagram accounts. For marketers, this also means the safety and security of their Instagram business profiles. Without having to worry about security, marketers can focus more on creating effective Instagram ads.


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