Instagram Introduces “Sensitive Content Control”

Instagram Introduces “Sensitive Content Control”

Instagram ranks 4th among the top social media platforms around the world. As the platform shifted from a photo-sharing to a video-sharing app, it also focused on customizing the user experience. Recently, it rolled out comment limits, security setups, and suggested posts for a unique Instagram encounter among users. Today, Instagram introduces “Sensitive Content Control” for better control of content shown on the app.

Instagram sensitive content controls

Instagram’s new “Sensitive Content Control” offers three options to customize what a user can see on his or her Instagram feeds. Under the “Sensitive Content Control” settings of an account, a user can choose any of the following:

  • Allow seeing more photos or videos that could be offensive or upsetting. Only Instagrammers over the age of 18 can choose this option.
  • Limit, which is the default setup, (Default) to see some photos or videos that could be offensive or upsetting.
  • Limit Even More to see fewer photos or videos that could be offensive or upsetting.

Instagram introduces “Sensitive Content Control” on 20 July 2021

Implications for Marketers: 

Instagram’s new “Sensitive Content Control” is a great way to provide a customized experience among Instagrammers. For marketers, this is an element worth noting. They have to be very careful using visuals that can be potentially offensive or upsetting to avoid problems in posting ads and reaching their target audiences on Instagram.



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