Instagram Enables New Safety Features for Users Under 16

Instagram Enables New Safety Features for Users Under 16

Instagram’s main concern is the privacy and safety of its users. That is why it is continuously updating its security features and tools. Recently, the platform enabled comment limits, security setups, and sensitive content control. To promote the protection of young users, Instagram enables new safety features for users under 16.

To give users under 16 years old a more private experience, Instagram rolls out three new safety features.

  • Default private accounts for users below 16 years old
  • Stopping unwanted contacts for young users
  • Limiting ad reach to young people 

Instagram private account

First off, Instagram only allows users ages 13 and up. If an account user is under the age of 16, it will automatically default into a private account. As such, other Instagrammers need to follow the account first before they can see the young account’s posts. 

Instagram has also developed an AI technology to tag adult accounts that are blocked or reported by young users with “potentially suspicious behavior.” The platform will stop these unwanted contacts for young users. Instagram will also refrain from showing young people’s accounts on the Explore, Reels, and “Suggested for You” feeds. Such an update will initially be rolled out in Australia, France, Japan, the UK, and the US. Moving forward, it will be expanded to more countries soon.

Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger will also be limiting ad reach to young people. Effective today, advertisers can no longer target accounts of people under 18 based on their activities and interests. These changes apply globally.

Instagram enables new safety features for users under 16 as of 27 July 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Instagram has been a popular social media network among the younger generations. The platform’s new safety features just show that Instagram aims to protect them. For marketers, the new safety feature means a broader shift in their marketing strategies. By creating wholesome ads and campaigns, they can very well cater to a general audience. If a brand aims to target the millennials, doing a multi-platform campaign may be more effective.


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