Instagram Expands Its Remix Video Option

For quite some time, Instagram has been testing new video tools. These include Dancify and Montage. Dancify automatically syncs an uploaded video to a Reels track, while Montage turns stories into Reels. Instagram is also testing the remix video option on Reels. Today, it expands its remix video option to all videos.

Instagram video remix

Yes, you heard it right! The remix video option now applies to all Instagram videos, not just Reels. A “Remix this video” option will now appear once an Instagrammer uploads a clip. When using the remix video option, users can choose to use the original audio, recorded audio, or a voiceover.

Instagram expands its remix video option on 20 January 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

Instagram’s remix video option can help marketers collaborate with influencers and get a brand get discovered by new audiences. It is a fun way to boost reach and brand awareness.


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