Instagram Enables Two Individual Post Features

Once Instagram removes a feature, it is replacing it tenfold. Recently, the platform announced the removal of the “Threader” app. It is because it no longer serves a purpose after Facebook implemented an integrated Messenger API with Instagram DM and WhatsApp last June.  Simultaneously, Instagram expands paid badges for all U.S. creators. At the same time, the platform put back Twitter preview cards and is testing the “Take a Break” feature. Today, Instagram enables two individual post features.

Carousel Deletion

Instagram Chief Adam Mosseri made the announcement on his official page. First, Instagram will now allow content deletion of a Carousel photo. It is a feature that has been long requested by Instagrammers. Users can simply go through a Carousel post and click the three dots on the top right to hit edit, choose the photo they want to delete and click delete on the top-right corner. 

Rage Shake

Have you ever browsed Instagram encountering issues? Images and Stories might not load properly or you may be encountering some technical issues. The “Rage Shake” feature allows users to shake the phone and be directed to a new issue report prompt. It allows you to easily log a report about the problems you are encountering on Instagram.

Carousel deletion is currently available for iOS users globally. While the “Rage Shake” feature is initially available to all users in the U.S.

Instagram enables two individual post features on 17 November 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Instagram’s two new individual post features make it easier to manage Instagram accounts and posts. For marketers, Carousel Deletion can make editing of Carousel ads easier. 


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