Instagram Is Shutting Down “Threads”

As expected, Instagram is shutting down “Threads.” Beginning the 23rd of November, Instagram will be notifying Threads’ users that they are shutting down the app by the end of 2021.

“Threads” is a camera-first messaging app that allows Instagrammers to share visuals by messaging close friends. The stand-alone app was acquired by Instagram in October 2019. When Instagram integrated Threads with direct messaging (DM), it presented two inboxes. The first is Threads for private chats and the second is DM for public conversations. Last October, the platform put DM and Threads together as one. It started the speculations that the platform will be shutting down the latter.

Instagram Is Shutting Down “Threads”

Today, Instagram confirmed with Tech Crunch that it will be removing Threads by the end of this year. Facebook started rolling out a new Messenger API to consolidate Instagram DM and WhatsApp last June. It is having a hard time updating Threads during the integration. That is when the platform realized that it no longer serves its purpose.

Instagram is shutting down “Threads” on 17 November 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Change is inevitable to digital marketing and social media. As Instagram shuts down Threads, it is finding more ways to level up a user’s experience in the app. For marketers, there may not be an impact on the removal of Threads. But it is a sign that they should be flexible enough for any changes coming along the way.


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