Google Enables Multi-Search Option

Google Enables Multi-Search Option

Google updates its search algorithm from time to time. The platform also introduces new features and tools for advertisers. It enabled the MUM model for search results, related searches for content ads, and the search ads 360 management platform. Today, Google enables the multi-search option.

Google Multisearch

Google’s multi-search option allows searchers to discover products and services using by combining text parameters and visuals. After searching in Google Lens, searchers can add text descriptions to specify what they are looking for. The text description can be a question about the image or refining the results based on brand, color, and other visual attributes.

Google’s multi-search option is currently in beta among the Google app for English language searches in the US. Google enables the multi-search option on 07 April 2022.

Implications for Marketers:

Google’s multi-search option can greatly improve shopping search matches. For marketers, it can be a bigger element for future ads and campaigns. Using visuals and keywords combined can boost the chance of ranking on Google.


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