Google Updates Search Ads 360 Management Platform

Last month, Google introduced Topics API which secures and protects users’ privacy and facilitates insights to publishers. Today, the company has released its updates on Search Ads 360 Platform. Now, users have more control over their Google Ads campaigns while also incorporating Google’s latest sophisticated advertising features.

Google Updates Search Ads 360 Management Platform

Search Ads 360 is a Google Ads management tool that allows ad managers to manage all of their campaigns and projects from a single dashboard. To improve the experience, the redesigned UI builds on this by incorporating both design and functional feedback from existing users.

Because Google Ads 360 is a more complicated ad management platform, it is not intended for SMBs or marketers on a daily basis. The new structure, on the other hand, is amazing, and it has the potential to assist performance advertisers achieve better outcomes by allowing them to better manage and analyze a larger range of inputs and campaigns.

The updated feature makes it easier to use while also providing improved support for third-party partners and numerous advertising channels and search engines.

Google has launched an update for Search Ads 360 management platform on 9 February 2022.

Implication for Marketers:

With Search Ads 360, marketers who use the engine to maximize their brand exposure will surely benefit from the said feature. Marketers may be able to respond faster in real-time, have a clearer view of how ads are affecting their marketing from all over digital channels in a single place, as well as make better decisions. Not only will it give benefits to marketers in terms of powerful reporting and automated bidding for enterprises, but it will also increase the number of users of Google Ads. It’s a win-win strategy for Google and all marketers from across the globe. 


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