Google Adds Search Result Explainers

Google Adds Search Result Explainers

After making an eCommerce push, Google adds search result explainers. This can be a handy resource to help marketers better understand SEO ranking. First off, Google partnered with GoDaddy and WooCommerce to integrate online shops. The search engine also launched a Google for Small Business guide and updated business profiles. These moves focus on helping small businesses to bounce back globally. 

Google Search explainers

Google adds the search result explainer on the “About This Result” panel. Searchers just need to tap the three dots menu next to most search results, a summary of pages will appear. The summary provides a brief overview of why such a response to the query is showing and more detail about each search result. Among the key reasons shown for Google’s ranking are local relevance, matching keywords, related links, and related terms. These general reasons can better help searchers refine their results. 

Google adds search result explainers on 22 July 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Google’s search result explainers may not be a major functional update among users. But to marketers, this can very help them better understand SEO ranking. As such they can better make use of Google in promoting a brand, product, or service.


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