Facebook Updates WhatsApp API

Facebook made a lot of announcements during its recent developers’ conference. At F8 Refresh, Facebook introduced the “Login Connect with Messenger” and the integration of Messenger API with Instagram Direct. To further achieve the platform’s goal of integrating messages in a single stream, Facebook updates WhatsApp API. 

Facebook launched WhatsApp ads before pushing through with its privacy policy updates. WhatsApp also enabled audio and video call via desktop and bigger image displays in line with the said developments. As Facebook updates WhatsApp API, the new features aim to help brands facilitate new use cases.

WhatsApp Business API

A new list of brand messages will now be available in WhatsApp API. These messages present a menu with 10 automatic reply options. WhatsApp users can tap 1 to 3 choices to quickly connect with a business account. 

As always, the user first needs to request a WhatsApp business account to connect with them. This means that WhatsApp users remain in control of their chats. WhatsApp is also providing new ways to collect feedback from users who want to block a business account. 

The updated WhatsApp API now supports more types of messages. Facebook loosens its grip by allowing periodic updates outside of the 24-hour window. This is to help businesses enhance communications with their customers. 

Facebook updates WhatsApp API on 02 June 2021

Implications for Marketers: 

Updating WhatsApp’s API is a small step to making it a key business platform. For marketers, the new features can play a big role in enhancing customer connection and engagement. Using these tools in the right manner can better help brands and businesses leverage WhatsApp marketing. 

Reference: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/facebook-updates-whatsapp-business-api-to-facilitate-improved-customer-conn/601170/

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