Facebook Social Skills Video Series Part 5 – “Effective Brand Performance”

Facebook Social Skills is now on its 5th episode. The first 4 episodes covered topics such as:

Today, Facebook Social Skills Video Series Part 5 discusses “Effective Brand Performance.”

The 5th episode of Facebook Social Skills features Kate Marin Lander, the senior global social marketing manager of GoPro. Kate narrated that when she started at GoPro, social media is a job that they gave to the intern. But now, it is an essential part of the marketing business. GoPro now has 45 million global followers. Her team manages all of the content management, production, social publishing, and strategy of all GoPro channels on Facebook, Instagram, and other social handles. She also manages the company’s international agencies in over 23 countries. She said her day starts early with browsing Instagram in bed. 

Tips on Effective Brand Performance

Here are Kate’s tips on effective brand performance in social media.

Aim for one action out of a consumer. For GoPro, social media is an awesome opportunity to educate their users using POV clips and UGCs. They have proven these video contents to perform really well.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Social media can be daunting but GoPro is not afraid to learn what the community wants through A/B testing. They share what is authentic and natural. Content doesn’t need to be perfect or polished because you can delete them anytime you want.

Use Facebook Shops. Kate mentions that their best performing content is not always those that sell more gears. So, they focus on finding the sweet spot between these two types of content:

  • Entertainment content that brings pure awareness, fun, and joy
  • Content that drives sales, education, and is product-centric

Most of these kinds of stuff are on short-form video loops which they partnered with a promo. GoPro slings their cameras with Facebook Shops. These ads net out at a pretty good performance level. 

Facebook Social Skills Video Series Part 5 – “Effective Brand Performance” aired on 14 April 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

Facebook Social Skills Video Series Part 5 provides ways on how brands can effectively perform on Facebook and Instagram. For marketers, it is worth noting Kate’s pro-tips. Brands should consider a/B testing, Facebook Shops, and UGCs to achieve social media success.

Reference: https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/facebook-provides-tips-on-effective-brand-performance-measurement-in-latest/598426/


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