Facebook Social Skills Video Series Part 4 – “Audience Engagement”

Here’s part 4 of Facebook’s Social Skills video series. The focus on such an episode is “Audience Engagement.” It features a team from Luxottica, the world’s largest eyewear manufacturer based in Milan, Italy, and its iconic eyewear brand, Persol. These include:

  • Jarvis Macchi, the Head of Social Media for Luxottica.
  • Roberta Merlino, Social Community Manager for Persol
  • Roberto Di Raffaele, Brand Lead of Persol
Facebook Social Skills Video Series Part 4 – “Audience Engagement”

Facebook’s Social Skills video part 4 shows how to balance organic and paid social media content to engage the right audiences. The video starts with Roberto noting that the typical day for a brand lead starts with thinking about what’s next. He gets in touch with the media department and PR team daily to discuss editorial plans and strategies. Roberta, on the other hand, noted that the planning includes the daily content for the community. They think about what the audience would like to see and what story Persol would like to tell them today. Jarvis continued saying that Luxottica has worked a lot to change the way they work in social media. This is to evolve the brand to be less institutional, more native, and more engaging.

Persol’s Tips for Audience Engagement

Here are 3 tips to boost audience engagement according to the Persol team.

Identify your community on social media. It is important for brands, big and small, to identify their target audience. Understanding their core interests can help brands communicate authentically with their audiences. They can then leverage their creative strategies to be relevant to these communities through influencers, stories, UGCs, etc.

Learn from your community. Social media communities vary according to age, culture, location, personal interests, preferences, and a lot more factors. This is why it is important to listen to your community and learn what they want. Do this by engaging with your audience daily to learn from them. You can use these insights to guide your marketing strategies.

Use both organic and paid content to advertise a brand. The key is to create great organic content and promote them via paid advertising. Plus, the most important thing is to deliver the value of the brand to the community. The Persol team looks for their most liked, commented, and frequently saved post. They make it a standard to create a future post. It’s because these ads have a greater chance to perform well.

Facebook Social Skills Video Series Part 4 – “Audience Engagement” was aired on 07 April 2021.

Implications for Marketers:

Facebook Social Skills Video Series Part 4 offers a lot of good notes to effectively connect and engage with your community in social media. For marketers, these tips are worth noting as they can help brands in their social media success. This video series can help marketers further understand their audience and post relevant content to convert them.

Reference: https://www.facebook.com/business/news/how-to-engage-your-audience-throughout-the-content-creation-process

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