Facebook Messenger Celebrates 10th Anniversary

In 2011, Facebook launched the Messenger app. It is a move to dominate the social communication space. This week, Facebook Messenger celebrates its 10th Anniversary. The Messenger app has evolved a lot before it marks its first decade. As part of the celebration, Facebook adds new functionalities to boost interaction and usage in the Messenger app. 

Before its 10th anniversary, Facebook started integrating Messenger Rooms with Instagram and WhatsApp. As Messenger API supported Instagram Direct, it then allowed brands to use business applications. Facebook also ensured the privacy and security of video and voice call through end-to-end encryption.

Facebook Messenger birthday effects

Birthday Expression and Gifting Tools

Facebook Messenger launches the “Messenger is 10!” sticker pack. It is a great tool to express birthday greetings through a 3600 background, birthday candles, blue balloons, purple skies. It also includes a catchy Soundmoji birthday song. The AR effects include wrapping your birthday messages in a bow or a burst of confetti. 

People using the Messenger app in the US can also send birthday gifts in cash via Facebook Pay. The birthday celebrant will receive a notification from Facebook and Messenger about the cash gift. It will show as a gift message accompanied and wrapped by virtual balloons. After confirming the cash gift, it will instantly be deposited into the receiver’s bank account. To send a birthday cash gift, simply tap the button that appears on the profile of your friend’s birthday post or news feed. 

Messenger share contacts

New Ways to Share Contacts

Facebook Messenger has also added a straightforward way to share contacts with family and friends. First, select the contact you want to share, go to the chat setting, and tap “Share Contact” under the “More Actions” options. 

Facebook Poll Games

Poll Game

This new feature is an interactive voting option to discover new things about your family and friends. It is also a fun way to spark conversation on Messenger. To start a poll game, tap “Polls” on a group chat and select “Most Likely To.” Choose from the list of questions and select chat participants who can be a potential answer to the question. 

Sneak Peek of Word Effects

Facebook is also sharing a sneak peek of “Word Effects” on Messenger. It is a new way to pair words with emojis. Word Effects allow a user to choose an emoji to be paired with a word message. The emoji will explode on-screen once the message is seen. Word Effects will soon be rolled out by Facebook.

Facebook Messenger celebrates its 10th Anniversary on 25 August 2021

Implications for Marketers: 

As Facebook Messenger celebrates its 10th Anniversary, it makes it easier to connect and engage with new features.  Marketers can take advantage of these new features to boost referrals and potentially network with their target audiences. With businesses and consumers exchanging 20 billion messages every month, there’s a large market potential for Messenger’s 1.3 billion monthly active users.


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