Facebook Introduces Horizon Workrooms

Facebook Introduces Horizon Workrooms

Since the end of 2020, Facebook has been dedicated to opening new ways for brands and groups to collaborate and increase engagement. The platform opened a brand collab manager among groups. It also added new group tools to boost their collab efforts. Today, Facebook introduces “Horizon Workrooms.” 

Facebook’s “Horizon Workrooms” is a virtual room where members of a group or team can work together from anywhere. It is one of the best options to work even if you are not physically together. Horizon Workrooms support up to 16 people in a VR room and up to 50 people in an audio call, including the video participants. 

Horizon Workrooms

Avatars & Spatial Audio

Horizon Workrooms feature improved avatars that allow natural customization for participants to express themselves. While the spatial audio provides high quality and low latency. It makes you hear people around according to how they are seated in a virtual room.

Enabled Hand Tracking

Horizon Workrooms are enabled for hand tracking. Its primary input is designed for hand control. Yet, users can switch between manual and physical tools as preferred. It aims to create a more expressive and natural experience among them. 

Virtual Room Layout

Every Horizon Workroom can be configured to match a group or team’s needs. Users can arrange the seating layout for every occasion. The whole room will then scale up to fit the size of the group or team. It can also be styled based on the focus – collaboration, conversation, or presentation.

Virtual Whiteboard

Every Horizon Workroom offers a virtual whiteboard that is bigger than your ideas. It allows participants to sketch things together in real-time. Using a controller, you can pin images or write things by flipping them around. The whiteboard sticks around in the room as long as you need it. Once done, you can export them into a shareable image on the computer. 

Workroom Web Apps 

Horizon Workrooms make it easier to collaborate using web apps like calendar integration, chats, file sharing, and meeting notes. These tools are available in countries where Facebook is accessible. They make meeting invites and scheduling easier. They also allow better collaboration between users.

Facebook introduces “Horizon Workrooms” on 19 August 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Facebook’s “Horizon Workrooms” can be a great tool for a marketing team to collaborate on their ads and campaign strategies on Facebook. Such virtual space can boost creativity and engagement to formulate effective marketing plans.


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