Facebook Adds New Tools for Groups

Facebook Adds New Tools for Groups

Today, Facebook Groups have been an integral part of the king of social media. There are around 10 million of them catering to 1.8 billion Facebook users. That is why the platform is continuously adding tools for Facebook Groups. These include brand collab manager, engagement alerts, post controls, plus the up and down vote stickers. Today, Facebook adds new tools for Groups.

Facebook Groups experts

Expert Badges

There are around 70 million admins and moderators among all Facebook Groups today. These people are considered experts in the group’s industry or niche. They can be the go-to person for any interest or topics under discussion. Sometimes, there are also selected members of the community with such expertise. The new tools for Facebook Groups now allow an admin to designate some members of the group as experts. The group member chosen will then display an expert badge after accepting the position. Admins can then invite these experts to Q & A sessions or to give an additional perspective on important group discussions.

Facebook Groups expertsFacebook Groups experts

Expert Discovery

Facebook Group members with expert badges can search for people interested in the group’s industry, niche, or topics. An automatic invite allows them to request these people to join the group. Group experts can also invite people to join as group experts like them.

Streamer Fans Group

Facebook also rolls out the Streamer Fans Group. This is a new community of gaming experts. Starting with a small group of gaming creators, this community aims to support streamers to deeply connect with their fans. 

Facebook adds new tools for Groups on 13 July 2021.

Implications for Marketers: 

Facebook Group’s expert badges make it easier for group members to spot accurate and informative posts. While expert discovery allows growth among Facebook Groups. As such, marketers can better reach a large number of people to promote their products and services. It can also help them identify possible partners within the group. 

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