Facebook’s Collab Is Now Available in the U.S.

Short music video clips have dominated digital platforms today. TikTok has gained popularity because of such a form of content. Social media networks followed suit with Instagram’s Reels and YouTube’s Shorts. Last May 2020, Facebook started testing the Collab. Today, Facebook’s Collab is now available in the U.S.

Facebook's Collab Is Now Available in the U.S.

Collab is similar to TikTok because it harnesses music, but it’s a unique iOS app that allows collaboration. The app features three independent videos that can play in sync with each other. Creators can mix and match their original music clips of up to 15 seconds to engage their fans and followers. Facebook users can do the same. They can record their own music clip and mix it with two other existing music videos. Collab has an in-app sync feature that could help them mix the parts together. These video syncs can be shared on Facebook and Instagram feeds, stories, and other platforms in a tap. After its beta-test to invited users, Collab is now available to all Facebook iOS users in the United States.

Facebook’s Collab Is now available in the U.S. as of 14 December 2020.

Implications for Marketers:

Collab is a new contender of the TikTok app. For marketers, this is a new way to join the music clips bandwagon and use them to campaign for a brand. They can mix music video slips relevant to a product or service and post them to entice their target audience. The key is to know the app by heart. Once you become a Collab expert, you’ll surely find a way to capture your audiences’ hearts.

Reference: https://npe.fb.com/2020/12/14/collab-update-now-everyone-in-the-us-can-band-together/

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