Facebook Announces the Date of Its Upcoming Connect Conference

Here’s another invitation for a much-awaited annual event from the king of social media. Facebook announces the date of its upcoming Connect conference. Facebook Connect Conference is a virtual event for Facebook advertisers, creators, developers, and marketers. The first virtual conference happened last September 2020. This year, it will be on 28 October 2021.

Facebook Connect

During last year’s Facebook Connect Conference, the platform made several announcements on its AR/VR tools. It highlights the launch of Oculus Quest, Facebook’s VR headset. This year, people are expecting the latest development on AR glasses, AR Hats, and smartwatches. Developers will also be awaiting references for the Metaverse Project. Its main focus is the collection of digital worlds and virtual spaces. It may be part of Facebook’s CEO announcement on its eCommerce push.  

Let us just wait and see as Facebook announces the date of its upcoming Connect conference on 18 August 2021

Implications for Marketers: 

Facebook Connect Conference is a much-awaited event because it is where the platform unveils its latest AR and VR innovations. For marketers, this is something to watch out for to tap into the latest trends of Facebook innovation. Such knowledge can significantly boost the effectiveness of Facebook ads and campaigns.


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